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Updated for 2016/2017 Year 


FAFSA Package

$150 for first FAFSA, $25 per sibling after first one (if applicable)


CSS Profile Package

$225 for CSS Profile* 

$285 for CSS Profile/FAFSA*

When you complete a CSS Profile with us, we also give the option of completing a FAFSA.  In addition to our fee, the College Board charges you $9 for completing a CSS Profile application as well as $16 for each school that they send it to. 


Renewal FAFSA


Updating FASFAs

Do you need to update your FAFSA with the IRS retrieval tool?  We're here to help.

$25 (we can do by phone)



Review Financial Aid Packages/Consultation

Do you have a few specific questions about your financial aid packages and want to talk to a Financial Aid Specialist?  We're here to help.

$200 min/ $25 per hour after first hour*

*fees include gas, transportation or phone charges as well as any tolls.

Prices are subject to change in 2017.




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