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The Renewal FAFSA is for financial aid applicants who submitted the FAFSA last year and are filing again.

Since your financial circumstances can change dramatically from year to year, you must submit a new application for each academic year you need financial aid. 

Many of the answers you provided on last year's FAFSA will be pre-filled on the Renewal FAFSA, reducing the number of questions to complete.

To renew your FAFSA, you will need your FSA ID user name & password.  We can assist in making the process easier for you by helping to complete the often confusing financial portion of the Renewal FAFSA and review last year's information with you to ensure accuracy.

If you filed with us last year, this will be at a very low cost.  Otherwise a slightly higher nominal fee will be charged for this service.    


You can call us on the phone from the convenience of your home to complete your Renewal FAFSA



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