We Offer Phone and In Person Counseling


Reasonable rates 









File your FAFSA when and where you want it.  Many customers value the privacy, security, and flexibility that Financial Aid Preparation Services offers.  You can work with us over the phone or we can meet you at your residence or school.

It's private.  We'll help you with the various financial aid forms in the privacy of your home either over the phone or in person.


Itís fast. We save you time by helping you answer the complicated questions 

Itís accurate.
We have been in the financial aid field for the last 17 years and our methods work. Unless you're are a financial aid expert, the odds are against you for filling out the FAFSA correctly.

Itís affordable. Fees for filing the FAFSA is as low as $100. 


Itís easy to renew.  Renewal FAFSA can be done in minutes over the phone with one of our advisors.

And itís convenient. Choose a location close to work, school or your homeówhatever fits your needs or over the phone.



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and reasonable rates


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